Satel Integra 24

OpenHAS expanded even more and supports any programmable alarm System. The new version tested with Satel's Integra series alarm system.

  •  Arm/Disarm Satel's Integra System using OpenHAS web consoleSatel Integra 24
  •  Read Arm Status from Satel Integra system
  •  Read Alarm Alerts from Satel Integra system

The two systems work in parallel, i.e.  you can ARM the alarm from OpenHAS and DISARM it from the Satel's keypad or vice-versa. ...


A computer interface (external card) is required between the two systems provided only by Cyprus Linux or authorized dealers. Generic configuration instructions are included in the package.

(Requires version 0.9-8 / patch016 /patch017)

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 September 2008 )