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The software is completely free for PERSONAL USE. You can download and install  it on your own server.

The free version is fully functional (software wise) except the alarm system. You will need the openHAS 6000 transmitter/receiver for OpenHAS alarm system (2 zones / wireless) or the openHAS_Satel controller for the Satel Integra Series Alarm system.

A complete pre-installed systems is also available from one of our distributor.

 Complete system hardware/software :


The Core

  • standard PC with 1 Parallel and 1 serial port
  • OpenHAS CM12U x10 controller
  • Hauppauge Win-TV 350 

  • openHAS 6000 transmitter/receiver
  • openHAS 50 alarm controller  (1 zone alarm system w/ unlimited sensors) 
  • openHA_Satel alarm controller (for Satel Integra Series)
  • Provision-ISR DVR card (4 or 8 port) for non-ip cameras

The modules (receivers)

  • openHAS 51 alarm buzzer (wireless / needs openHAS 6000)
  • IP cameras  ***
  • LM12/LM15 - X10 lamp modules
  • AW12 - X10 Micro module
  • AM12 - X10 Plug-in Appliance module
  • LW12 - X10 2 wire dimming micro module
  • LW10/AW10 - X10 UK lights and appliance switches
  • Any type of Indoor or Outdoor cameras(needs provision-isr DRV card)

** CDELinux OpenHAS edition 7.1 includes the Freevo Media Center (ver. 1.7.5) and the Zoneminder Surveillance System (ver. 1.22.3)

*** Supported IP cameras : axis206A , GadSpot 2000

Ask for the latest price list from one of our distributors or by sending us an e-mail by clicking here.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 September 2008 )
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